Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sessions: Bounce Back Edition

David and I lived through shared food poisoning. That’s really all you need to know about last week.


The real story behind Steel Magnolias.

Frances McDormand is one difficult woman.

Sometimes we find kindness is unexpected places.

We always knew this was going to hurt.

I have heard nothing but praise for this difficult story.

A conversation with Tom Hanks will cure what ails you.

And finally, these are good for a chuckle (or a canceled wedding).


I walked a mile to Trader Joe’s last night looking for this cake, which is usually found among their shelves. Seems like everyone else had the same plan because they were sold out (don’t worry though, I walked home with an entire box of eclairs instead).


More Perfect is back.

I am transfixed by the Polybius Conspiracy right now.

A whole list of podcasts of, by, for women from the Bello Collective.

I saw an Apple commercial and noticed the name of this band. Wondering if it was real or not, I looked them up and I must tell you, I am delighted.