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5th Avenue Display

Fucking fabulous.

It’s a few days before New Years and I’m surrounded by half-used tissues. About once an hour, I let out a half cough/whine and David is loving enough to ask what he can do (“More Ricola.”) and how he can help (“A foot rub would be nice.”). Although I did my very best to avoid it, I am thoroughly entrenched in the Christmas crud. It’s like 2016 had to get in one last punch before it goes. Here’s how I’m staying distracted from my raging throat-fire.


It’s strange to imagine I lived through the genesis of the Internet as we know it today. The sweet sound of dial up and the eternal shooting start of the Netscape logo are nostalgic remnants of my youth. Sadly, that internet of yore is dying.

Menstruation is Having Its Moment

Every time I think about all the goddamn woman taxes, I get angry. NPR talks with a leading researcher on just how damning periods can be for women in third-world countries.

5th Avenue, You Shining Star

David and I popped up to New York on Christmas Eve to see the holiday lights in what is becoming an annual tradition. It was magical. Luckily for you, Vanity Fair has saved you the trip.

Predictions for Journalism in 2017

We’re entering an era where the fourth estate will be more critical than ever. Pay particular attention to this prediction on the rebirth of “populist journalism” then read the full list of predictions from Nieman Lab.

On Steeping Bags of Tea, Twice

I have been converted to the church of Marie Kondo, full stop. Blame it on growing up in a house where the fear of so. many. things. toppling over on you was very real. My friend Sameer has a different perspective though, and one I can appreciate. Read this, but also all of the things he writes.

Make This: Dutch Baby

I can’t even look at food right now, so all those lovely leftovers are going to waste. But that hasn’t stopped me from dreaming about this savory Dutch Baby.

Moving Memoirs in the Age of Tweet Storms

I hate Buzzfeed’s front page; it represents everything I despise about the internet. But I would daresay that Buzzfeed has done more to sponsor and distribute literature that is truly representative of our times than almost any other publisher out there. This excellent collection of personal essays is worth reading, in particular “The Weight of James Arthur Baldwin” and “What Happens to Your Body on the Appalachian Trail.”


Sadly, I have never gravitated toward poetry; it appears I am fully a product of prose. There are only a few poems that stay with me, this is one of them.

Christmas: Party of 2

We pulled off a hell of a solo Christmas this year, friends. It was quiet and it was glorious. We even made this mostly vegetarian meal for ourselves.


When I was a kid, there were not a lot of powerful, feminist characters on TV. Storm and Jean Gray. The Pink Power Ranger. Angelica and Helga. Buffy. And gratefully, there was Leia. While her turn as space princess is iconic, some of Carrie Fisher’s best work would come later in When Harry Met Sally and most recently, Catastrophe. Do yourself a favor and find a reason to watch both this weekend.