Pie #3: Blue Cheese Potato Tart

Potato and Blue Cheese Tart

Smitten Kitchen’s Blue Cheese and Red Potato Tart

Baking Notes

Admittedly, I took a shortcut here and used a pre-made crust and almond milk instead of cream. My rationale was that I was baking two pies in one night and deserved this little cheat.

This tart was coming together beautifully, but I couldn’t get it to set. Almost an 1.5 hours of baking and I was still seeing jiggle and liquid. Some Google sleuthing taught me that the lower fat content of my almond milk is an issue here. I should have dissolved some flour early on to help thicken milk product during baking.

Tasting Notes

I rarely use milk alternatives in my baking because I don’t enjoy the nutty flavor it imbues, so although I hesitated at the first bite. Still, the blue cheese really came through here and made the almond milk less of an issue. I would make these again, especially when I have real dairy on hand.