Pie #5: Plum Crustless Tart

Plum Almond Crustless Tart

Plum Almond Crustless Tart from PBS Food

Baking Notes

Overall, this was an easy, painless, and reasonably easy pie to make. I roughly ground the almonds in my mini-food processor, but would ground them further until they were truly fine next time. I did wonder if almond flour might have produced the same result, but decided not to experiment with it the first time around. I suspect amaretto is not something most people have around, but I happen to have a bottle of been trying to use for ages, and it provided a nice finish along with the apricot glaze. Like other recent bakes, the tart barely made it halfway up my tart pan. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m using the wrong size for these recipes…

Tasting Notes

Using my leftover mini-plums from last week’s farmer’s market haul resulted in delightfully tart and jammy cooked plums. The frangipane was courser that I would have liked due to my roughly chopped almonds, but that’s an easy fix for next time.