What I'm Reading

Don’t Be Afraid

It’s snowing. If you’re doing anything except reading or crying over Michelle Obama’s last speech, you’re doing too much today.

Most Women Don’t Have the Luxury of Being Unlikeable

Although writer Emily Gould describes her experience from inside the publishing industry, I’d dare say this is a scenario applicable to every woman, everywhere, and it sucks. (Buzzfeed)

Productivity in Terrible Times

“When your heart is worried for your Muslim friends, and deep in your bones you’re terrified about losing access to healthcare, it’s very hard to respond graciously to an email inquiring about the latest microsite analytics numbers. ‘THE WORLD IS BURNING. I will have those content model updates ready by Thursday. Sincerely, and with abject terror, Eileen.'” (Super Yes More)

In Praise of Maintenance

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is the need to always be pushing for something more, bigger, better. These days I’m finding more ways to appreciate the power of routine, of maintenance. Steven Dubner explains why you should too. (Freakanomics)

Eric Holthaus on Climate Change

Yup, we’re fcked. (Twitter)

On Letting Go

“How lucky are we, to have you? Another year of you. Despite the pain. The questions. Despite all that may go wrong. We still have you. You, so precious and so rare.” (Medium)

Ivanka Trump Won’t Fix Women’s Issues—She’ll Distract From Them

I. can’t. even. (Elle)