Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sessions #16

Good morning, friends. Fall is here in DC in force and I’m reluctantly swapping out shorts for sweaters. David is still deployed for work, so I’ve been enjoying all of my most indulgent Secret Single Behaviors (SSB). Pride and Prejudice is on repeat. I go to movies alone, I do grocery shopping at 8 PM on Saturday, and I Marie Kondo the heck out of every inch of our apartment. There is not a single item in our apartment that I have not touched at some point in the last two weeks and it is thrilling.

But, I also miss my partner. When he left, it was still fully summer and now the leaves across the street are beginning to change colors. He’ll be back in a few weeks and I’ll fill him in on all the things that happened between the text messages.


The New York Times had some excellent stories this week, including this look at the evolution of women in stock photography, and this piece on what the rich won’t tell you about about their money. In a most delicious and meticulous series of eliminations, The Upshot helped Amazon find the location for its new HQ.

Two years later and I’m still vibing with this kid.

After silent screaming at the office all week, I would also like this tattooed on my forehead.

I’m working my way through TIME‘s Firsts series and am just enthralled with so many powerful, intelligent, charismatic women.

This comes out every fall. I then spend the better part of the next year working my way through the list. I’ve never regretted it and neither will you.

Statues are not the only monuments we’ve built to the Confederacy, so what are we doing about all the others?

A few weeks ago I made this audio thing, but every week I edit this audio thing too. Get it in your inbox.

Speaking of audio, why aren’t there more women in the field?

This dude’s use of his five minutes of Twitter fame.

I’ve had a lot of time on the road lately, and it has allowed me to catch up on back episodes of Fresh Air. For 40 years, Terry Gross has deftly interviewed some of the biggest names of our time, and in every episode she manages to make them forget they’re having anything more than a conversation. I enjoyed this recent episode with Billy Eichner, but my all-time favorite remains this call with Maurice Sendak.

There was pie this week and even I have to admit it was crazy good.

I put this further down the list today because, frankly, it’s horrifying to read. This weather is no joke. Look out for yourself and each other.

A reminder than you can always do more than you think you can.

“To have been loved once by someone – surely there is a permanent good in that.”