Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sessions #18

I’m heading to Los Angeles this week; I consider this an act of karma since fall is making its real first appearance in D.C. right now. It’s like the world agrees summer should last forever—or at least one more week. While I’m there, I’ll be attending the Werk It festival, a women-only conference on podcasting. I’m rubbing shoulders with people that I find deeply impressive, so I’ll be doing power poses and practicing my networking pitch before my flight.

David’s been away for 6 weeks now. He left the week before his birthday, so his presents and cards are still sitting on our desk like weird little ghosts of birthdays past. If all goes well, though, he’ll be joining me in LA for a few days and maybe even get to relax a little. Thanks to everyone who reached out to make dinner plans or just sent a text message these past few weeks, they’ve helped stave off any loneliness that could have manifested in his absence.

 To Read

  • What a badass.
  • Nigella Lawson on the unappealing pressure of Instagram worthy food. Also, please let me look even a fraction of this fabulous at 57.
  • Even if you don’t like horror, Stephen King is responsible for some of the great dramas too, including Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Stand by Me, and The Dark Tower, not to mention one of my favorite non-fiction books, On Writing. Here are some of the best quotes from his books.
  • I’m low-key following this kind of interesting series from Splinter called 16th minute on people who became internet famous.
  • This essay basically says the only thing I care to say about Hugh Heffner.
  • I just started Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, and the first chapter has me pretty intrigued as to where this is all going.
  • I’m only part of the way through Star Witness from Electric Lit, but I like this modern take on serialized content that comes out in pieces.

To Listen

  • Earhustle has consistently been one of my favorite new podcasts, even if it leaves me conflicted about how we portray prisons. This excellent episode looks at how people who are (sometimes unfairly) serving life sentences cope with the end of life as they knew it.

To Eat

  • If you’re still lucky enough to have peaches and tomatoes at the market, you will not be sorry to buy up the lot and make this panzanella.
  • There is no one who gets “alive” food better than Naturally Ella. Even the carnivores among you can find something here to enjoy.
  • The first thing I plan to do when I get back from LA is make this granola, and thus acknowledge that sometimes I am that girl.
  • These cookies.
  • I’ve never even heard of grape pie, but the crust on this beauty might just have to be my next challenge.

To Do

  • The Kennedy Center now hosts free weekly yoga classes, and while it’s uber-weird that the ushers just stand around and quietly observe your down-dogs, it’s kind of worth it to spend your bridge poses looking up at the light installations.
  • I’m staying here for part of next week and I am so ready to surrounded by lush green things. If you haven’t tried Airbnb before, you are seriously missing out on one of my favorite parts of travel.