Sunday Sessions

Not Here, There

I’m starting to get winter cabin fever, and my mind is drifting to all the places I’ll be traveling soon. Next weekend, I’m heading to Philly to meet up with my pal Jenna and to see this Hamilton Was Here exhibit. In a few months, we’re going camping in Acadia National Forest with my brother and sister-in-law. This August, we’ll travel to Palo Alto for a friend’s wedding.

I like having these little map dots on my calendar—the give me a sense of direction for the year ahead. If you know of things I should do, see, or eat while I’m there, drop me a line.

To Read

The Greeter

If you read anything this week, make it this stunning essay.

My Mother’s Daughter

An excerpt from the memoir of Molly Jong-Fast, daughter of acclaimed feminist writer Erica Jong. Parents, amirite?

Workism Is Making Americans Miserable

I’m just going to put this…right here.

The Strange Things I’ve Found inside Books

People are weird.

The Comforting Fictions of Dementia Care

A fascinating exploration of the many ways we’re coping with dementia—at personal, familial, and systematic levels.

People Fought for Time Off From Work, So Stop Working So Much

A look at how we arrived at the modern work week.

What’s Next For New Yorker Reporter Jane Mayer?

I didn’t know Jane Mayer by name, but, boy, do I (and you) know her work. A powerful profile of an investigative reporter.

To Listen

I’m into a new series from the BirdNote podcast called Sound Escapes.

I don’t usually seek out true crime podcasts, but Who the Hell is Hamish? is a pretty compelling tale of a serial conman.

Sometimes you’re just not ready for a podcast when it comes out. Two years later, I finally listened to The EP; it delivered exactly what I needed, right when I needed it.

To Eat

Look: food is how I communicate affection for people, so this week at work, I hosted a mini waffle bar for my colleagues. Along with our tiny-apartment-dweller-sized waffle maker, I carried three containers full of waffle batter, fresh cut fruit, and syrup into the office. It was easy to make, easy to setup. Highly recommend.

10 Big Ideas in Coffee Right Now

I am here for fourth wave coffee. Make it so.

Go Get ‘Em Tiger

I’m really digging the coffee flavor chart on this page.