Sunday Sessions

Summer for a Little Longer

If you haven’t heard from me for a few weeks, it’s because I’ve been trying to squeeze in every last bit of summer. There is the big stuff: Camping. Six Flags. My 35th birthday. Our friend’s wedding in California. But there is also the little moments in-between: long walks around SoHo. Ice cream. Late night dinner and wine with friends.

And of course, I still feel the need to add new experiences to my New York-like-a-local list, so on Friday, I sat on the Lincoln Center Plaza with hundreds of other people and watched my first opera, Puccini’s La Fanciulla del West. On Saturday, I grabbed a blanket and a book and read for a few hours on the Great Lawn in Central Park.

I know fall is almost here. Even as I’m typing this, it’s gray and raining and just a little bit cool. But for now there are still peaches and campfires and the bingo players in the park across the street, just for a little longer.

To Read

Longer Reads

I’m juggling a few books right now. Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway. Jia Tolintino’s Trick Mirror. Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s Fleishman is in Trouble. Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism.

To Watch

Do we agree, that with the exception of The Farewell, this summer was actually a pretty shit movie season? Looks like fall is about to make up for it.

I watched the first two free episodes of On Becoming a God in Central Florida and continue to shout about what an underrated actress Kirsten Dunst remains (have you SEEN her Fargo season yet?)

To Eat

I’m on a lemon kick right now since it’s about the only way I know how to hold on to the sharpness of summer. And I visited one of my favorite New York spots The Wild Son this week and really have to figure out what it is that makes their farro is the actual best.

A lot of nights of the week you’ll find me eating basic pasta with oil and cheese. Maybe I throw in some pepper to make a quick cacio e pepe. But lemon? That sounds like a fine idea too.

Green goddess bowls seem like a good way to round out summer.

Do I want to make this peanut-pretzel ice cream cake? Yes, yes, I do.

Beautiful and easy salmon. Weeknight dinner of my dreams. Maybe make the coconut rice as suggested in the comments?
Click to the second tweet to get Hrishikesh Hirway’s spicy dark chocolate pistachio cookies.

Have we talked about these Garlicky Peanut Butter Cold Noodles yet?