Sunday Sessions

How Uninteresting We Are

 To Read

“Queer Eye” offers a kind of simulation of wealth redistribution. But every time the Fab Five retreats from the scene, I imagine the freshly-painted homes slowly falling into disrepair, the beards growing shaggy again, the refrigerators emptying.

The New Spiritual Consumerism, New York Times

“A lot of people withdraw from society as an experiment, so I thought I would withdraw and see how enlightening it would be. But I found out that it’s not enlightening. I think that what you’re supposed to do is stay in the midst of life.”

On Line: The Pulse of Agnes Martin, The Paris Review

“Last year David Cronenberg said that cinema “is no longer the cathedral that you go to where you commune with many other people.” Instead it’s turned into a proliferation of individual communions, in which the pressure of each of our daily lives is suspended, our thoughts relax, and we return to a form of pre-apocalyptic calm. In the privacy of our homes, with no expectations, cinema can be as pure as church.”

Cahiers du Post-Cinéma, Longreads

  • Sometimes when I look at photos like this, I just think: This is the future we built with the history they gave us? How uninteresting we are.
  • I can’t explain why I love this so much.
  • This poem is everything you need to hear today.
  • What would the internet smell like, if it had a scent?
  • Here’s what happened to the 47 dogs pulled from Michael Vick’s dog fighting operation 12 years ago.

To Watch

  • Booksmart is a lot of fun I never expected to have.
  • Becca’s rotoscoped freckles mesmerized me in Undone.
  • Ours Poetica is a quiet little YouTube series from the Green brothers and the Poetry Foundation.
  • Unbelievable is tough to watch, but has some incredible performances. If you’ve ever been a victim of sexual assault, please take this as one big trigger warning.