Sunday Sessions

The One in Which I Start Thinking About Thanksgiving

To Read

“Women run our think tanks and our museums, our biggest defense contractors, our most illustrious spy agency, our tech companies, our newsrooms, and our lobbying outfits. To be a woman in Washington, in short, is to bob around at a new high-water mark for our gender—to be surrounded by a crowd of insanely powerful role models, heroes, and superstars.”

What It’s Like to Be a Woman in Washington: 62 Women Explain, Washingtonian

“…cooking is still a highly feminized pursuit; it’s a skill girls are implicitly expected not only to learn, but enjoy doing. To be feminine, we are told, we must be hospitable, nurturing, giving — qualities that are intimately bound up with feeding those around us.”

It’s so much more than cooking, The Week

To Watch

A must watch: a 7-minute video essay on why TikTok offers a credible form of cultural criticism.

I don’t live in Los Angles, but I recently became a subscriber to The Los Angeles Times. Their reporting is taking a more national position these days, and it’s relaunch of the food section has turned into something Jonathan Gold would be proud of. Check out their new YouTube series, Off-Menu.

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