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I Have a Crush on My Barista’s Playlists


I haven’t published in a few weeks because I’ve been sitting on something I wanted to write in this header note. Then I realized that the links were starting to stack up and you were missing out on some great things to read (and eat). I’ll be back to revisit the header note I’ve been meaning to write soon, but here are some words from other people for now.

To Read

Who Was I in College? University of Missouri

“We almost never get to get reacquainted with the best version of ourselves, at this place where dreams began, before they got exposed to life and started to decay. Sometimes it feels like we spend 45 percent of our lives trying to be something, 10 percent of our lives being it and 45 percent having been it.”
Civility is Overrated, The Atlantic

“…the fruit of prizing reconciliation over justice, order over equality, civility over truth…laid the foundation for the reimposition of forced labor on the emancipated, the establishment of the Jim Crow system, and the state and extrajudicial terror that preserved white supremacy in the South for another century.”

This Was The Decade Drug Overdoses Killed Nearly Half A Million Americans, Buzzfeed

A startling statistic: US drug overdose deaths in this decade exceed the number of battle deaths the country suffered in World War I and World War II combined.

The Gay History of America’s Classic Children’s Books, New York Times

“E.B. White, Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein were presumably heterosexual, no matter that Silverstein glowered from the photos on his book jackets like a hot Scruff daddy.”

Where Rent Is $13,500, She Lives Off What’s Left at the Curb, New York Times

“In recent years, an entire economic ecosystem has sprouted from the artificial turf of a 5-cent deposit. Many canners are retired or on disability and need to stretch their monthly payments. Many are undocumented and drawn to a no-questions-asked job without language barriers. As stable, low-skill jobs continue to disappear in New York, canning provides a lifeline.”

The Outer Fringes of Our Language: A Conversation with Werner Herzog, LA Review of Books

“See the world with an incredible amount of human pathos and enthusiasm and rapture.” I love everything about this interview with Warner Herzog.

An Ode to Middle Age, The Atlantic

“You’re not an apprentice adult anymore. You’re more free. The stuff that used to obsess you, those grinding circular thoughts—they’ve worn themselves out.”

PS: Are we low stakes friends?


To Listen

On Sundays, David and I go to Manhattanville and order the same breakfast we’ve been ordering every weekend for the past two years (bagels with cream cheese and coffee), and then we casually nod our head or tap our foot along to the eclectic playlist made by our barista, Joe, while we click around Twitter on our phones. His Spotify playlists are epic: Sam Cooke sits beside Les Miz who sit beside Portishead. You can’t go wrong by starting with The Shop Mix. You’re very welcome.

To Watch

You still haven’t seen Parasite yet? What the heck are you waiting for?

To Eat