Sunday Sessions

Once More for Good Measure

I had a lot to say here, but when I sat down to say it, it wouldn’t come out. So, here’s a list of links instead. See you next week.

To Read

To Listen

  • All of the Spotify playlists: For feelings.
  • My yoga studio does a short sound meditation at the end of class. It makes me feel like I’m hovering over my own body. Not sure what’s going to happen when I try one that lasts an hour.
  • A reporter connects with her grandmother over soup.
  • Centenarians talk about life in coronavirus lockdown.

To Watch

  • A Portrait of a Woman on Fire is quiet magic.
  • The live bird cams will save us all.
  • No equipment kickboxing.
  • If you even have the motivation to work out right now, these blogilates videos will do the job.
  • I just discovered Jennifer Ehle—forever Elizabeth Bennett—is reading Pride and Prejudice aloud.

To Eat