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Things I Loved in 2015

Holiday Fireplace 2015

I’m coming to you from a cabin in the deepest part of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There is no cell signal for 30 miles, and a shaky wi-fi signal at best. I’m settled in by the fire with a dog at my feet, and it feels like a pretty nice way to close out the year.

What brought me happiness this year? David, travels, meals with friends, and everything on the list below. I hope it brings you happiness too.

Broad City

Oh, friends. Without a doubt, Broad City is one of my very favorite things about this year. Irreverent. Smart. Feminist. Start with the deep cuts—the original YouTube series—and then move on to the more polished Comedy Central episodes. Yas kween!


I’ve loved and lost a lot of podcasts this year. Long time standbys like RadioLab and Planet Money were replaced with Reply All, Here Be Monsters and Imaginary Worlds. As the podcast community continues to evolve, it can be tough to cut through the noise. Thanks to sites like The Timbre and NPR’s Earbud.fm, I was able to build playlists based on the kinds of stories I want to hear, including Fresh Air, Note to Self and HumaNature.

Amy Schumer

I thought Trainwreck was hilarious, but more than that, Amy Schumer is unapologetically feminist and flawed. I can only love her.

Public Art

How many times have you been moved to tears by public art? I can count at least three times this year alone. There is something so vulnerable about painting your mural, or blasting your horn, in such a public way. In November, David and I stumbled upon a couple of members of the Hot Gumbo Brass Band playing on a street corner in Norfolk. For 10 minutes or more I was totally transfixed to be so close to live music, to feel the complete abandon with which they played. I opened my purse and gave them all of my monies.

Elena Ferrante

In December, I decided to be really honest with the members of my book club: I had found it to be a rather miserable year of reading. I started each book, intent on expanding my literary horizons, only to despise title after title. After giving up early in the book, I would then lament the remainder of the month, abstaining from other pleasurable reads as penance. After such a careful and ambitious selection process, it turned out that I only liked a single book in our entire list—my own contribution—Elena Ferrante’s The Days of Abandonment. I liked it so much I’ve settled into reading the entire Neapolitan series, beginning with My Brilliant Friend.


Remember that time we all decided not to eat pasta anymore? Well, in 2015, I remembered why we fucking eat pasta. Give me Bar Primi, Red Hen and 25 cent packs of ramen all. day. long.

Linguine for lunch @barprimi. A photo posted by Bar Primi (@barprimi) on


From the train ride up, to the long-ass bike ride out into the middle of a lake, Vermont is a lovely place to visit.

One Tab

It would not unfair to say my stronghold on the Internet relies on this one little Chrome extension. Download this sweet tool and let it forever keep your world in check.


“They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right. It is so ordered.”

Is there anything that matter more this year? The answer is no.